Sunday, February 1, 2009

Exhibit Design Toolbox (Budget Stretcher Edition) Flip Video Spotlight Program

As an antidote to gloomy economic news, we'll try to offer "budget stretching" resources as a semi-regular feature of ExhibiTricks, so here's a great tip to stretch your museum's dollars that you might have missed:

Pure Digital Technologies, the folks behind the super cool Flip Video Camcorder have made a commitment to deliver 1 million Flip Video kits to qualified nonprofit groups by 2012 through a program called Flip Video Spotlight.

The Flip Video camera is a great compact device that makes it easy to record video and transfer your digital files to your computer or online video services like YouTube. (Your museum DOES have a YouTube account doesn't it?) So why not check out the FVS application and score a Flip Video Spotlight kit today?

I look forward to seeing all the great stuff your museum is doing on YouTube (or maybe even ExhibiTricks!)

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  1. Oh, thanks for this. Very helpful.

  2. Just to be clear . . this is a "matching funds" program. If your institution qualifies, you'll be able to purchase the cameras at their selling price of $150, but you'll receive TWO cameras instead of just one.