Friday, May 16, 2008

Exhibit Design: Museum SketchUp Group?

Lucky me! I got invited to attend SketchUp Basecamp coming up in June at Google's Headquarters (aka, The GooglePlex) in Silicon Valley. (If you're not already familiar with SketchUp, check out this previous posting.)

I mention SketchUp Basecamp, not to regale you with my upcoming travel schedule, but rather to solicit interest in a Museum/Exhibits related SketchUp group. Do you use SketchUp? Would you be willing to share and trade ideas, and SketchUp renderings in one handy accessible spot? If there is enough interest, I'd love to set up a Google SketchUp group for Museum and Exhibits folks. Leave your contact info in the Comments Section below, or send me an email to indicate your interest.

UPDATE: A Museum and Exhibits SketchUp Group has been created! Get more info by clicking here. Also check out the Museum and Exhibits Collection in the Google 3D Warehouse as well.

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