Friday, September 12, 2008

Exhibit Design Inspiration: touched echo project

Artist Markus Kison has created a "performative installation" entitled "touched echo" on top of the city walls of Dresden, Germany.

While today's scenic overlook is beautiful, Dresden was also part of a terrible bombing raid in World War II. As a way to get visitors to the city to contemplate the events of the past, the artist has attached sound conducting devices to existing metal railwork. Iconic signs on the rail direct visitors to place their elbows on the rail, and their hands on their ears in a contemplative pose
looking down at the river and buildings that were part of the bombing raids.

Sounds of bombers and explosions are conducted through visitors' bones to their ears. Unless you participate in Kison's piece, the area is silent. This is a clever and thoughtful piece of environmental art with an obvious historic twist.

There are extensive photos, and technical descriptions, of "touched echo" at the artist's website.

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