Sunday, January 13, 2013

ReWind: Inventables

As I've been thinking about and developing "maker" type spaces a lot these days, I thought I'd commend the Inventables website to ExhibiTricks readers again.

Who wouldn't love a website that provides cool stuff like Soft Gel Magnets or Aluminum Foam?   Inventables is just such a website, and it's been great fun trying out their stuff for new exhibits and prototyping projects.

The clean and simple Inventables website gives you examples of new and interesting materials (with specs!) to investigate,  as well as nice search features that lets you sort materials by qualities like "glow in the dark" or "magnetic".

Also, the Inventables site lets you buy small quantities of materials at relatively inexpensive prices.  Maybe you could set up demos or materials science investigation areas for visitors --- a "Material of the Month" perhaps? 

So take a little "mad money" from your current project budgets and click on over to the Inventables web site.  Who knows where some of those cool materials may lead you?

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