Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Ask the Exhibit Doctor: Cool Museum Timelines?

I've been receiving lots of questions, and doing lots of thinking recently, about the "best" ways to create interesting timelines inside museum exhibitions.

Personally, I'd really like to get past the flat horizontal timeline examples that look like sliced-up encyclopedia pages.

Here are a couple examples (below and at the top of this post) that struck me recently:

Knoll Corporate Headquarters  < >
Nice use of dimensionality and graphical text in the Knoll Corporate Headquarters.

Multiple viewing angles for FitNation project  < >
A multi-dimensional piece for the FitNation project by ABRUZZO BODZIAK Architects in collaboration with Pentagram.

A strong geometric/photographic way to break down the history of the Earth at California Academy of Sciences.

So with the help of you, dear ExhibiTricks readers, I'd like to assemble a compendium of your most interesting and innovative ways of creating timelines inside exhibitions, akin to the Donor Recognition posts and documents I crowdsourced previously.

Please email me images and descriptions of projects you've been involved in and I'll create a (fully credited!) compendium post and a free downloadable PDF of (timely? timeless?) timeline designs!

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