Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Museumhive is a new Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) funded project spearheaded by Brad Larson and the New England Museum Association (NEMA) that I'm extremely proud to be an advisor for.

Museumhive will promote informal gatherings of people connected with museums to explore new community-centered visions for cultural institutions. Museumhive will also host social events and create content via Google Hangouts and additional social media platforms in the process. Real-life meetups + virtual followup = fun & effective thought leadership!

The Museumhive project will start out by supporting six in-person meetups featuring presentations by national thought leaders.  Join us in Boston on the evening of Wednesday October 26, 2016 at District Hall in Boston as we host special virtual guest Nina Simon via Google Hangout!  You can sign-up to attend the FREE event via Eventbrite.  I'll also be posting via my Facebook and Twitter feeds about ways to plug into the event if you can't join us in Boston.

Some of our aims for  Museumhive (and we're just getting started!) include:

• Creating a series of meetups in innovative environments where museum staff and emerging professionals can socialize and explore new visions.

• Using live Google Hangouts with national thought leaders to serve as the hub for each meetup.

• Indexing and archiving the Hangout videos, summarizing the events on the website, drawing participants further into an exploring a vision of the community-centered museum.

• Preparing short e-publication summaries designed to help museum and other cultural institution professionals connect the meetup topics to their own experiences.

I'm buzzing with excitement over Museumhive!  I'll continue to post here on ExhibiTricks and on my Facebook and Twitter feeds to spread the word and encourage IRL or electronic participation by both seasoned museum workers and emerging museum professionals.

Click on over to the Museumhive website to find out more about the project.

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