Friday, March 23, 2018

Exhibit Design Inspiration: Brad's Grocery Store Vegetable Displays

You have to admire someone who takes a "simple" job and turns it into a creative outlet.  Such is the case with Brad, a semi-anonymous grocery store worker from the city of Madison in Wisconsin.

I came across Brad's story, and examples of his work, through the food-related offshoot (called "Gastro Obscura") of the website Atlas Obscura.

For Pi Day!
One thing that resonated for me about Brad's vegetable creations was how he took a task that might have seemed mundane or even drudgery and turned it into a positive creative outlet.  I think there's a good inspirational lesson there for any museum/exhibit/design worker!

I also appreciated how positive customer feedback pushed Brad to keep up with his creative vegetable displays.  To quote Brad:

Compared to past jobs, “doing this work was the first time people would stop, smile, and give me nice comments on the beauty of my work.”

So as you move through your own creative tasks and challenges, take some time to find the beauty in your own endeavors.

Check out the Gastro Obscura article about Brad, and follow him on Instagram to see even more examples of his vegetable artistry.

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