Sunday, January 10, 2016

What Makes a Museum "Special" ?

I've written posts about "special trip" worthy museums before, but I'm after something a little different here.  I'd like to tease out the specific qualities of what makes a museum (or museum visit) "special".

I've been thinking a lot about why some museum visits seem special and some don't.  To me, a special museum visit feels much like a memorable restaurant experience.  Even if you've never visited before, you feel welcomed, you feel like you are in the "right" place.  Every staff person you come in contact with seems legitimately happy to be there and to interact with you. As your visit unfolds, you notice little things, attention to details, that combine to create a positive impression.

So help me ExhibiTricks readers!  What do you think are the "ingredients" for a special museum experience?  Leave your ideas in the "Comments" section below, and I'll use the submissions for a future ExhibiTricks post.


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