Monday, September 7, 2020

Balancing Planning and Chance

I recently had the chance to speak with Jeanne Vergeront on my Museum FAQ YouTube series about finding the balance between planning and chance. 

Even though I've recorded dozens of video conversations with museum colleagues from around the world over the past few months, this is one of my favorites!

Balancing planning and chance seems like an especially timely topic given the impact of COVID-19 on every aspect of the world, including the operation of museums and the threatened livelihoods of many museum workers.

Jeanne provided three framing questions for museum workers to consider when trying to balance planning and chance:

1) What Do We Understand?

2) What Matters?

3) What's Possible?

Jeanne and I also discussed the need for both a feeling of assurance, as well as a pioneering spirit, in every organization -- and that each type of worker personality needs to acknowledge the importance of the other.

It's worth your while to check out Jeanne's original blog post that inspired our Museum FAQ conversation by clicking over to her "Museum Notes" site.

Also, head on over to the POW! YouTube site to view dozens of Museum FAQ conversations, including the video that Jeanne and I recorded.

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