Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Green Exhibit Tech: The EnerJar

I've been doing some work with several clients recently to produce exhibitions with a "green" theme. In the course of some of my research one of the interesting green gizmos I've come across is the EnerJar.

Basically the EnerJar is a device that accurately measures the power draw of electrical appliances.

(There are instructions on the EnerJar website on how to build your own DIY power meter.)

EnerJars would make a great project for museums to have their visitors build to take home, as well. It's a little scary to see how much energy all the "stuff" in a typical home uses!

The EnerJar was the Grand Prize Winner in the 2008 Greener Gadgets Design Competition. Check out their website for a great collection of inspiring green technology ideas.

What are some of your favorite green resources? Let us know in the comments section!