Thursday, July 24, 2014

Beach Books for Museum and Design Folks (Summer 2014 Edition)

Since I'm not a "beach person" if I end up in a hot, sandy spot I try to make sure I'm under a big, shady umbrella with a book in my hands.

With that in mind, here's a list of books you might like to peruse, on (or off) the beach.  I'm giving just quick highlights here, but linking to longer ExhibiTricks blog posts or reviews about each book, as well as a link to Amazon if you'd like to buy a copy.

Happy reading!

The first book, "The Museum of Extraordinary Things" is not a museum/exhibit/design book per se, but rather a wonderfully written bit of historical fiction that brings together the intersecting lives of two estranged people coming from two completely different starting points in New York City.  I completely fell under the sway of author Alice Hoffman and her prose. Highly recommended.
Review here.  Purchase here.

Austin Kleon's book, "Steal Like An Artist" is a quick read composed of 10 "tips" related to creativity.  If your creative batteries need an inspirational recharge, this is the book for you.
Blog post here. Purchase here.

Daily Rituals: How Artists Work is a collection of short vignettes about how famous people (writers, artists, scientists, composers, poets ...) create.  I found it really interesting to learn about the many different methods that the featured artists used to create their work.
Blog post here. Purchase here.

"The Art of Tinkering" is a book you can tinker with --- literally!  (The cover is printed with electrically-conductive ink.)  The Art of Tinkering is billed as a way to "meet 150+ makers at the intersection of art, science & technology."  It's a colorful book bursting with photos, ideas, and even simple DIY projects.
Blog post here. Purchase here.

Author Susan Weinschenk has put together a great reference for every type of designer called "100 Things Every Designer Needs To Know About People."  I love a book like this, because no matter where you dip in, there's a little bit of actionable inspiration to bring to your own creative practice.
Blog post here. Purchase here.

Last, but not least, the book Creating Exhibitions talks about how a truly collaborative process related to planning and designing innovative experiences can come about. One for your professional reference shelf.
Blog post here. Purchase here.

Have some of your own museum/exhibit/design "beach reads" to share?  Tell us about your favorites in the "Comments" section below.

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