Thursday, December 8, 2016

How Do You Use Pinterest In Your Design Work?

Pinterest is a great visual tool (organized into "boards" of images linked to websites) for museum/exhibit/design folks.

I'd like to gather your recommended Pinterest boards (as well as your Pinterest tips and tricks) for a future ExhibiTricks post (and free downloadable document) that can serve as a Pinterest compendium and resource.

One great way to use Pinterest is as a place to gather images and inspirations for projects in process (here's an example Pinterest board for a dinosaurs exhibition I'm working on.)

Pinterest can also be a great resource when looking for examples of interesting exhibition designs or ideas.  The indefatigable Elaine Gurian has a fantastic Pinterest site called "Museum Educator" that has a number of thematic boards related to topics such as "Museum Architecture" and "Label Ideas."

Another Pinterest favorite is the "Recognition" board which has super examples of donor recognition signage (with a bit of wayfinding, too!)

So click on over to Pinterest for some  inspiration, and then tell us about your favorite museum/exhibit/design Pinterest boards, as well as your best Pinterest tips and tricks, in the "Comments" section below.

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