Monday, April 27, 2009

The Exhibit Doctor

In these tricky economic times, museum staff and independent designers really need to find new ways to stretch their exhibit development dollars and discover fresh exhibit resources. That’s why I’m proud and pleased to launch The Exhibit Doctor® during the ACM and AAM museum conferences in Philadelphia this week.

Several times a week I receive informal calls or emails from colleagues asking for suggestions regarding exhibit technology, or for solutions to exhibit problems that have them stumped. Folks are always grateful for my ideas, so I thought
The Exhibit Doctor® would be a great way to formally help out my fellow exhibit designers and museum colleagues.

What do you get when you sign up for your annual Exhibit Doctor membership?

• The “Monthly Checkup” A digital newsletter crammed with dozens of descriptions and reviews of interesting new exhibit tools and resources that is emailed directly to you 12 times a year. These are all practical exhibit resources that you’ll be able to put to use right away.

• The “Exhibit of the Month” In addition to “The Monthly Checkup” we’ll also send you directions each month to construct a simple interactive exhibit component that will “freshen up” your museum galleries or provide ideas for future exhibition projects.

Click here
to download an abbreviated example of The “Monthly Checkup” as well as a sample “Exhibit of the Month”

• Six “Mini Consultations” Sometimes you just need a quick answer to a thorny exhibit question. That’s what these “mini consultations” are for. Contact us with your exhibit issues, up to six times during the course of your Exhibit Doctor membership year, and we’ll provide a useful solution or point you to a trusted resource --- fast!

You get all these budget-stretching and time-saving exhibit resources for an annual fee of just $499.
That's less than the cost of just one day of exhibit consultation! If you’re really looking to economize, you can sign up for just “The Monthly Checkup” (No “Exhibit of the Month” or “Mini Consultations”) for the low annual fee of $199.

The Exhibit Doctor® program will begin soon, so just click here to be notified when registration begins!