Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Museum Exhibit Design: Be On The Lookout For Unusual Sources!

Sometimes exhibit resources and exhibit materials show up in unexpected places.

A recent posting on the Dinosaurs and Robot Blog by Todd Lapin highlights this.

While working on his house, Todd came across AW Direct, a mail order catalog that sells parts and equipment for tow trucks. One of the non-traditional uses he made of a tow truck step was as a soap dish for his shower! It just goes to show that interesting design possibilities can pop up in the most interesting places.

I love finding interesting exhibit possibilities in the aisles of stores, like the new "green" line of toys from Toys R Us, or in catalogs or websites, like Sublime Stitching (for glow-in-the-dark string) or United Nuclear (for "dangerous" science supplies.)

What are some of your favorite "non-traditional" museum exhibit design sources? Let us know in the "Comments Section" below.

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