Friday, June 5, 2009

Exhibit Design Inspiration: Canon Creative Park

O.K. maybe it is some sideways advertising for Canon computer printers, but the Creative Park website sure is filled with lots of fun projects to produce utilizing your (even non-Canon) printer. Also, I like the idea of combining high-tech and low-tech techniques to produce projects.

The Creative Park is divided up into categories (things like Paper Craft, Calendars, and Cards) that you can choose from. Once you click on your selection, a PDF with instructions and all the pieces is downloaded to your computer.

There's even a Science Museum category that has Insect, Universe, and Dinosaur projects you can work on! (There's an amazing Architecture section as well that let's you assemble models of buildings and monuments from around the world.)

So fire up the computer, get out the scissors and glue, and check out the Creative Park website for yourself.

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