Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Museum Budget Stretcher: The Futures Channel

In keeping with our occasional postings to help designers and museums stretch their resources, let's highlight the great work being offered on "The Futures Channel" website.

The aim of The Futures Channel is "connecting learning to the real world" which they accomplish through a series of fun and interesting short videos that they've been producing over the past ten years. Every video highlights real world applications of math and/or science, and has several related math or science activities to go along with it.

Skateboard designers, custom guitar builders, and movie special effects artists are just some of the math and science users highlighted. One of my favorite videos shows how the designers of Hot Wheels toy cars utilize math in their jobs.

The material on The Futures Channel is divided up into handy categories like "Animals" "Art & Music" and "Space Science" as well as offering material arranged by grade level, to make it easily searchable.

So give The Futures Channel a look. In addition to finding some background resources for your latest project, you just might learn something!

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