Thursday, March 5, 2009

Museums Worth A Special Trip

Which museum(s) would you recommend to friends as worth a special trip, and why?

I'm starting a list. A list that is a response to the bogus lists that cheesy magazines make of the "Top 10 Science Museums" or "The Top 10 Children's Museums."

A better list, because you will help me make it. (Shades of Museum 2.o! Hi Nina!)

So help me create the list of "Museums Worth a Special Trip."

In the "Comments" section below, name the museum, and most importantly, tell WHY you think it's worth a special trip.

I'll start with three suggestions of my own:

1) The Discovery Museums in Acton, MA
Pound for pound, still two (a children's museum and a science museum on the same "campus") of the most charming museum spaces around. Packed with simple and inventive exhibit ideas.

2) The City Museum in St. Louis, MO
How can you not love a museum that did an exhibition about toasters? With someone inside who will make a piece of toast for you using an antique toaster? A phantasmagoria filled with slides and tunnels and shoelace making machines and...

3) The Liberace Museum in Las Vegas, NV
I only had a vague idea of who Liberace was, but I was in Las Vegas, and I don't really gamble, so I thought what the heck. I am glad I went! More kitsch per square inch than Graceland. Collections of cars (mirror-covered Rolls Royce with candelabras, anyone?) pianos and costumes. (Along with the World's Largest Rhinestone.)

How about you? Please add your "Museums Worth A Special Trip" in the Comments Section below.

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