Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Creative Juxtaposition: Nick Cave AND Nick Cave

Today's post is about two masterfully creative people, each named Nick Cave (pictured above.)

Nick Cave is an artist who is known for using sound in his work, most notably in his multifaceted pieces called "Soundsuits."

Nick Cave is a musician who brings an artistic sensibility to his deeply strange and personal musical compositions.

Here is a YouTube video of Nick Cave speaking about the artistic choices he made while creating a particular Soundsuit, now on display at The Smithsonian.  Nick Cave's work rewards careful observation.

Here is a YouTube video of one of Nick Cave's songs called "Girl in Amber." (You can read more about the background of the song on another Nick Cave website called "The Red Hand Files.")

After exploring each Nick Cave's work, I'm struck by some commonalities:

• The work of each Nick Cave is informed by their own personal experiences, shared in ways that resonate and connect them to their viewers/listeners.

• Nick Cave's work pays strict attention to seemingly small details, that really do add up to create a greater whole.

• Each artist creates a visual and sonic environment that defies easy categorization.  In fact, each Nick Cave is his own category.

And wouldn't we all like to bring these elements into our own creative work?

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