Thursday, September 3, 2009

Your Museum Should Hire Amisha Gadani

After a recent ExhibiTricks post suggesting that one way to get more interesting new ideas into museums is to, well, hire some young(er) people (who are not part of "the usual museum suspects") with interesting new ideas, I made a promise to highlight some folks who fit that description.

So let me introduce you to Amisha Gadani. As you can see from Amisha's website, and some of the images throughout this post, not only does Amisha have impeccable academic credentials, but artistic/mechanical/electronic chops as well (as evidenced by the wonderfully cool "blowfish dress" featured in the video near the bottom of this post.)

After earning her BFA from Carnegie Mellon University in 2007, Amisha joined the staff of the Exploratorium and has been there ever since. At the museum she works primarily as an educator and shop assistant. Amisha has also joined an exhibit development project called Geometry Playground where she develops activities designed to increase the depth of visitor experiences in an exhibition.

But true to her Pennsylvanian roots, Amisha would like to find a job on the East Coast, and true to her creative roots, she wants
a full-time position making exhibits in a museum. So check out Amisha's website, or contact her to set up an interview (before some other museum beats you to it!)

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