Monday, February 5, 2018

What If You Evaluated EVERY Part Of Your Museum Every Day?

What if you evaluated EVERY part of your museum every day?  That was the question I asked myself after reading this NewYorker magazine article about the Finnish company HappyOrNot.

These "frictionless" 4-button terminals let people leave feedback without even breaking stride. And HappyOrNot's terminals have already been installed in more than a hundred countries and have registered more than six hundred million responses --- in airports, gas stations, shoe stores, you name it.

While this happy/sad button approach seems incredibly simple (if not downright simplistic) the article is filled with direct business changes and improvements that were made due to the data generated by the HappyOrNot terminals.

And again it makes me wonder what would happen to a museum if you scattered these 4-button wonders throughout your exhibit galleries and near your gift shop, your bathrooms, your cafe?
And if not HappyOrNot terminals how can cultural institutions generate more real-time visitor feedback to improve visitor satisfaction?

Does this seem like an interesting idea or a hare-brained pipe dream?  Are there any museums currently using HappyOrNot terminals.? Give us YOUR feedback in the Comments Section below!

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