Sunday, July 13, 2008

Exhibit Maker's Toolbox: Black & Decker 36" Gecko Grip Level

Eventually you will need to hang something for an installation. Whether it's a label or a piece of art, using a level really makes the difference between doing things easily and correctly, and just winging it. It's really obvious if you walk through a gallery where someone "just eyeballed" the hanging and positioning of the labels and the wall-mounted pieces.

You DO have a level in your kit of tools, don't you?

If not, you should check out the Black & Decker 36" Gecko Grip Level (with Accu Mark.)

Black & Decker's 36-inch Accu Mark level is designed to perform any basic leveling job easily. You can hang pictures, shelves, and labels like a true exhibits professional -- with none of the guessing and re-guessing that damages walls with repeated drilling or nailing.

The Gecko Grip friction pads help keep the level steady under pressure. These non-slip pads work so well that you can even hold the level with one hand and mark the wall with your other one. Even better, these grips won't leave a scuff, so the paint on your museum walls will stay looking fresh.

This model also features two adjustable "Accu Mark" targets that slide along the center rail. These marks help you hang pictures and shelves with built-in wall mounts or preset hang holes; just line up the marks with the mounts on the back of your pictures, then place the level against the wall and note the hanging/attachment spots with a pencil.

Even if you don't add this particular level to your personal arsenal of tools, save yourself some trouble and bring some sort of level to your next installation!

You can get more information (or purchase) the Black & Decker 36" Gecko Grip Level at Amazon

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