Friday, May 20, 2011

Some ACM InterActivity Recap

I just wanted to recap some ACM InterActivity highlights for those of you not fortunate enough to join us in Houston:

Wednesday's Pecha Kucha evening was a smashing success!  Nice turnout and stellar presentations in the 20 X 20 format.  A few of my favorites included:

Jen Alexander's Sink Story
For those of you who didn't quite catch the installation date of the exhibit, here's Jen's last slide.

I also loved Aaron Goldblatt's zen-like approach to the Pecha Kuch format, in his set of evocative slides about the rewards of carefully observing the world around us.

But definitely the belle of this year's Pecha Kucha ball, was Sari Boren and her talk about the "Ukelele Experience" which culminated in a ukelele sing-a-long featuring Sari's international public performance debut on ukelele!

My sincere thanks to all of this year's ten amazing presenters!  If you'd like to join in next year's fun, feel free to contact me. (Also if anyone has pictures or video of the event, please contact me as well.)

I also really enjoyed presenting a rapid prototyping clinic during the "DIY Exhibits" session on Thursday.

We gave groups of attendees the challenge of creating a "bridge exhibit" prototype using only simple materials like paper, tape, rubber bands, and paper clips in about 45 minutes.  Every group performed like true "Office Supply Ninjas" as you can see from the images below and at the top of this posting.

Well, I'm off to the Exhibit Hall, but I'll try to post again before I leave Houston.

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