Monday, May 18, 2009

Help ExhibitFiles Crack 100!

ExhibitFiles is one of the most important websites for people who care about museum exhibits, period.

What's that? You're not an ExhibitsFile member? So click here now to join up! (It's free, and will only take a minute or two ...we'll wait.)

Now that everyone reading is a member of ExhibitFiles, I hope you'll take the time to post a "Review" of an interesting exhibition you've seen, or a "Case Study" of an exhibition you were involved in creating.

Despite all the time and effort that goes into creating exhibitions, the museum business has been traditionally very lackadaisical about documenting the processes and products involved in exhibition design and development. In many cases, once exhibitions (even incredibly amazing ones!) were dismantled or retired, the information about them --- POOF! --- simply disappeared.

ExhibitFiles was designed as a repository for valuable information, criticism, and documentation regarding exhibitions --- a resource freely shared that everyone could learn and benefit from. Thanks to Kathy McLean from Independent Exhibitions and Wendy Pollock from ASTC for approaching NSF to get the ExhibitFiles project funded. (Also a shout-out to Jim Spadaccini and the Ideum crew for the excellent site design!)

I notice that the ExhibitFiles counters for both "Case Studies" and "Reviews" are nearing that magically round number of 100. So let's make an effort to move ExhibitFiles past that magic "100" mark and beyond!

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