Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies is a super fun game developed by the folks at PopCap. (I've been "testing" it to learn more about interface design.)

I admit this isn't the usual kind of posting for ExhibiTricks, but I figured since there has been so much talk recently about games and the "future of museums" that I would share a recent favorite computer game of mine. (Also I feel compelled to make the conversation about "games" and "the future" a little less serious/ominous and a little more fun --- they're GAMES, and MUSEUMS, people!)

PvZ is just the sort of goofy (and witty!) kind of experience I think museums could benefit looking at and thinking about as they continue to move forward in their forays into interactive and/or social media. (Not the Zombies part, per se, but you get my point.)

One of the best things about PvZ is that you can tell the people who developed it had fun putting it together. That's the mark of a good museum or museum exhibit, too, I think --- when you feel like you get a sense of the time and effort and enjoyment that a real person put into creating something, as opposed to some bland mediocre exhibit experience that feels like it was put together by --- well --- Zombies.

So take Plants vs, Zombies for a spin. There's a free demo to download via PopCap's website, or you can purchase the game there as well.


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