Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Become A Customer Superhero

Why would you wait over three hours in line if you didn't have to?  I was thinking about that on a recent trip to the Six Flags Great Adventure amusement park with my three sons.

One of the main reasons we went to Six Flags was to ride the amazing roller coasters.  (Who doesn't love being shot 45 stories into the air or spun around at 80 miles per hour?)  Of course most of the other people in the park want to ride those coasters as well --- which causes loooong lines, sometimes lines that can take over three hours to move through at each of the most popular rides.

This is a recipe for disaster on a hot day in a crowded place filled with fidgety people, so Six Flags offers an upgrade to your ticket called "The Flash Pass" (named after the DC comic book superhero who speeds around with  Batman and Superman.)

The Flash Pass is a fist-sized electronic gizmo that lets you reserve a place in line without having to physically stand in line, so you can just come back and get on the ride when the Flash Pass shows it is your turn.  That way you can spend the majority of your time in the park playing, not waiting.  For me and my sons, The Flash Pass worked great, and was worth every penny.

So what does this have to do with your museum or design business?  Just this --- if you can find those annoying bottlenecks that make it harder or less enjoyable to engage with you, and then find ways to remove or alleviate those problems (through technology, or changes in policies or procedures) you'll become a real superhero to your customers!

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