Sunday, September 21, 2008

Exhibit Design Resource For Lenticular Graphics

For my most recent exhibition project, "The Animated Artwork of Laura Vaccaro Seeger" at the Nassau County Museum of Art, I had a need for a simple lenticular sign.

(Lenticulars graphics involve images, that when viewed from different angles, produce 3D or animated effects, like the image above. You've probably seen postcards, trading cards, or even Cracker Jack prizes that use lenticular images.)

As with many specialized print products, it was difficult to find a company willing to produce just one or two items at a reasonable price (and quickly as well!)

Fortunately I was able to work with the fine folks at RWC Digital in Fort Worth, Texas. They were easy to work with and delivered on time at a very reasonable price.

Check out the RWC website for more details or contact Ron ( directly.

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