Thursday, March 13, 2014

Cool Museum Exhibit Design Tool: Spoonflower

Spoonflower is one of those cool Web-based service sites that lets you turn your ideas into real stuff!

It's also a great example of how the intersection of the Web and the Maker Movement can trickle down to serve museum folks and exhibit designers.

Spoonflower gives individuals the power to print their own designs (like the one above) on fabric, wallpaper or gift wrap. The idea is that you upload a digital image (or use the Spoonflower imaging tools) to the Spoonflower Web site and the company prints the design on a range of materials that they then ship directly to you.

You can see some real-life examples and read commentary on using different materials and techniques on the Spoonflower blog.  (Or vote in their weekly "Design of the Week" challenge!)

All in all, Spoonflower's services look like another interesting tool to add to the exhibit developer's repertoire. 

So why not give Spoonflower a try, and then email us a picture of what you made?

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