Saturday, October 8, 2016

Quick Tip: The SketchUp D'oh! Book

SketchUp is a great, easy-to-learn presentation tool that is perfect for museum/exhibit/design folks. There's even a free version, now called SketchUp Make, and a browser-based version, now in beta, called my.SketchUp.

I know a fellow exhibit developer that calls SketchUp "AutoCAD for Dummies." While SketchUp may have a much more straightforward learning curve than other 3D programs, the results are beautiful and professional even for a clod like me. (The drawing above is a simple SketchUp rendering that I created for a museum project.) 

But as with using every software tool, occasionally your realize there are simpler ways to accomplish things, or aspects of the program that you've completely missed --- a real D'oh! moment (to quote Homer Simpson.)

The website SketchUcation has come to the rescue with a free PDF guide they call "The D'oh! Book" jam-packed with tips and tricks that will make you a better SketchUp user and designer.

If you already use SketchUp, you need The D'oh! Book.  And if by chance you haven't used SketchUp before, click on over to the SketchUp website and download a copy to try out!

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