Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Best Of ExhibiTricks: Nuts and Bolts

While I'm away on vacation, I thought I'd offer a "Best Of ExhibiTricks" series that clusters together a batch of thematically related postings that you may have missed.

This time around the "Best Of" revolves around the venerable topic of "nuts and bolts, " that is, the tools and tech that help us create better exhibits. Judging from the response the following articles received, I'd say ExhibiTricks readers really love their tape, glue, and tools!

First up is a collection of sticky links about Tape.

Then a tip of the hat to TAP Plastics for their informative set of "how to" videos on plastics and plastic fabrication.

Next a posting called "Clean Is Good" about some nifty products that help in the never-ending battle against dirt inside our museum buildings and exhibitions.

Last, but not least, a posting called "Cool Tools for Exhibit Folks" that highlights some favorite websites including "This To That" for gluing things together.


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