Monday, November 26, 2007


As one of their charter subscribers, I've always admired the DIY ethic of Make Magazine and their burgeoning empire. Each issue of MAKE is filled with enough cool project ideas, hacks, and tips to keep even a dedicated gizmologist busy for several months! You have to love a magazine that details how to make a kite-based aerial photography rig from popsicle sticks and a disposable camera, s one simple example.

The MAKErs have also spawned a sister magazine called Craft, a great blog site, and best of all, an annual event called the Maker's Faire (sort of a Woodstock for makers and tinkerers.) The first Maker's Faire happened in the San Francisco Bay Area last year. This year besides the SF MF, MAKE added an additional event in Austin.

If you don't already know about MAKE, check them out! (A subscription or one of their project kits makes a great gift.)

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