Thursday, August 7, 2008

Best Of ExhibiTricks: Museum Sustainability

While I'm away on vacation, I thought I'd offer a "Best Of ExhibiTricks" series that clusters together a batch of thematically related postings that you may have missed.

This time around the "Best Of" theme is "sustainability." Opening a new museum is tough. But keeping a museum going, and growing, for years and years, is much tougher. So here are postings about the difficult task of truly sustaining a museum:

First up, a post about COSI Toledo. How did one of the true "name brands" of the science center world close their doors completely after ten years of operation?

Next up, a post about the Mark Twain House, and how the institutional reach may have exceeded its grasp after a massive building addition was completed (way over budget.)

Finally, any discussion of the topic of institutional sustainability would be incomplete without mentioning the Millennium Dome in the UK. This post offers a bit of commentary and a link to an excellent PDF treatise on the subject by Dan Howland.


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