Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Our First Contest!

In our recent interview with Harry White ("Science Centre Consultant" at TechniQuest Science Center in Cardiff, Wales) we discussed his card deck of Exhibit Aphorisms.

Harry started collecting these quotations, jokes, and provocations about exhibits and exhibit development to use in a university course in Science Communication based in a Science Centre.

Here are two random examples:

"If they had to read the label the exhibit designer blew it."

"Bad exhibit ideas get more complex, good exhibit ideas get simpler."

I found out at the recent ASTC Conference in Philadelphia that Harry has officially "published" a full deck of 54 cards (52 + 2 Jokers) each with a pithy insight into the exhibit development process on the face.

And now two lucky ExhibiTricks readers will each win one of these limited "first edition" decks. (See picture above.)

Here's how to win: between now and the end of October, simply enter into the "Comments Section" below your favorite quote (either "original" or "borrowed") about the exhibit development process OR become an email subscriber to the ExhibiTricks blog (just use the handy box along the right side of the blog to sign up.) We'll choose one person from the commenters, and one from the new email subscribers, and we'll notify the two winners in the first week of November.

Get started, have fun, and good luck!

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  1. "The display should catch the eye, the content should catch the mind."

    Ok, I think I made that up but if I didn't that's ok.

  2. My quote - published in AAM journal years ago and has been on my desk every since:

    Thou shalt admit that thou dost not know everything.

    (one of 10 commandments)

  3. "The more rugged you build it, the more destructive visitors become."

  4. "The best evaluation of how well an exhibit works is by how often you have to replace worn-down parts."

  5. You can have it fast, cheap or good. Choose two.

  6. All exhibits should look delicate, but be strong...or the way I heard it: It should like it's made of cardboard, but it should be built from titanium.

  7. If you don't have time to do it right the first time, will you have time to do so the second?

  8. Exhibits languish in disrepair too long before being identified. Is there a way to monitor the function of every exhibit in immediate, real time?

  9. After many years with exhibits this is still my favourite:

    "The understanding of atomic physics is childs play, compared with the understanding of childs' play!"

  10. Never underestimate the strength of a skinny 7 year old girl!