Monday, November 2, 2009

Kathy McLean's Exhibit Manifesto

 Kathy McLean wants you to help create a revolution in exhibition design. And she has issued her manifesto.

Kathy gave a thoughtful presentation the other day during the Pecha Kucha session at the 2009 ASTC conference.

You can see an earlier version of her talk entitled "Manifesto for the (r)Evolution of Museum Exhibitions" on this webpage.

Kathy has hurled some great challenges to exhibit developers and designers like "strive for mutations" and "work smaller" but during her Pecha Kucha presentation she has also challenged all exhibit developers and designers to add to her manifesto. 

So after watching the video, why not take Kathy up on her challenge and leave your own ideas about the "Manifesto for the (r)Evolution of Museum Exhibitions" through her website's contact section?

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