Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Let Me Give You A FREE Exhibit!

Recently my pal Clifford Wagner and I "liberated" a collection of retired (but perfectly functional) exhibits from a storage warehouse and decided to completely restore and refurbish them.  To our delight we were able to find new museum homes for every exhibit, except one --- The Poetry Machine (as seen in the embedded video at the top of this posting or here on YouTube.) It's a really great exhibit, so I'd like to find a new museum home for The Poetry Machine, too.

Alright, alright, you say, "But what about the FREE exhibit?"

Here's the deal:  In an effort to help museums stretch their dollars in these tough economic times, I've again teamed up with gizmologist extraordinaire Mr. Wagner to offer The Poetry Machine, for free, to the next museum that rents his "Contraptions A to Z" traveling exhibition (which itself contains a version of the Poetry Machine.) If you make the deal through this special ExhibiTricks offer we'll also knock 5% off the normal rental fee for "Contraptions."

That's it. That's the deal. If you're a museum that rents traveling exhibits, here's an opportunity to get a great traveling exhibition packed with fun and engaging interactives at a discount, AND add a new (well, completely refurbished) interactive exhibit component to your museum's permanent collection.

If you're interested, contact me, or contact Clifford, to sort out the details --- make sure to mention this ExhibiTricks posting when you do contact either of us. 

As the poets say, Carpe Apparatus Camena! or more practically, First Come, First Served!

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