Saturday, September 15, 2012

Kid In The (Exhibit) Candy Store

As my daughter and I were wandering around the local drug store recently, I found some exhibit and prototyping inspiration:

Krank Pops!

Honestly who knows why some candy/toy designer wanted to create "An Action Lollipop" (with Sound Effect!) but both my daughter and I thought Krank Pops were cool and bought some.

After we got the Krank Pops home (and my kids ate up the lollipop part) we ended up with this:

a cheap and easy rotary crank mechanism to play around with for simple prototypes and exhibit ideas!   I certainly could whack something like this together myself, but there's a certain satisfaction in finding ways to repurpose familiar objects in unfamiliar ways.

One thing I often realize when I'm inside a drug store, or hardware store, or automotive parts store, or office supply store (see my previous post on becoming an Office Supply Ninja!) is that clever little ideas for prototype materials or exhibit design and development solutions often pop up in unexpected places.

So keep your eyes open for those unexpected finds  --- and don't forget to stop for the occasional Krank Pop!

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