Sunday, February 9, 2014

Making Your Ideas Real: The Art Of Tinkering

The crazy winter weather where I live on Long Island has not been very conducive to the sorts of slightly frenetic spurts of creativity that I love.  The whole world seems encased in ice and snow and one gets the feeling of being both trapped and sluggish.

So I couldn't have asked for better timing for the arrival of the new(ish) book called "The Art of Tinkering" the other day.

The Art of Tinkering is billed as a way to "meet 150+ makers at the intersection of art, science & technology."  It's a colorful book bursting with photos, ideas, and even simple DIY projects.  The cover of the book (shown above) is printed with conductive ink --- so you can even experiment with and hack your copy!

Karen Wilkinson and Mike Petrich, the folks who spearheaded The Tinkering Studio at The Exploratorium, have put together a fantastic book that captures the spirit of The Tinkering Studio while also giving you a sense of the inspirations and working styles of the makers featured inside.

Here's one of my favorite suggestions from inside the book:  Put yourself in messy, noisy & sometimes dangerous situations!

But enough talk --- grab a copy of The Art of Tinkering and warm up your own creative impulses! 

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