Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Resources for Citizen Scientists

Something is in the air.  The most recent versions of both Discover magazine and ASTC's Dimensions magazine feature stories and resources related to Citizen Science.

Simply put, Citizen Science provides an opportunity for people (usually non-scientists, but not always) to contribute data or data analysis or other forms of assistance to ongoing research projects.

I think it's enormously cool for kids, families, seniors (anyone, really) to get a better sense of science projects that hold a particular interest for them.

So here are three resources related to Citizen Science to grab onto:

1) Citizen Science Central  A central portal for information about projects to join, and news about, Citizen Science hosted by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

2) The latest issue of Dimensions has the theme "Science Within Reach" and is chock full of great stories and resources about Citizen Science.

3) Lastly, Discover magazine has launched a new "Citizen Science Salon" blog with links to Citizen Science projects featured in their magazine articles.

So, why not check out the above resources and see if you can find a Citizen Science project that you can help out with?

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