Thursday, April 21, 2016

Exhibitionist Changes To Exhibition

The National Association for Museum Exhibition, otherwise known by the acronym NAME, has just released the newest issue of its journal, which is published twice a year.  It is a thematic issue about the power of words in every aspect of exhibitions --- written, spoken, and designed.

Every article is filled with thoughtful information that anyone involved in the exhibition process will find valuable.

And there are big changes afoot with each part of NAME's journal. First the name has been changed from "Exhibitionist" to "Exhibition."  (There are many reasons for the name change, not least of which include unfortunate Google search results, but "Exhibition" is the new name.)

Exhibition has been entirely redesigned and has gone to a full-color format.  Having just received my own copy of Exhibition, I can attest that the graphic and organizational design is beautiful, and the inclusion of color exhibition images is a great leap forward. (In fact, here's a link to a PDF sample of what you can find inside the newly revamped Exhibition journal.)

NAME's journal was previously only available to AAM members, but now any museum/exhibit/design professional can subscribe to Exhibition.  I may be a little biased since I write the "Exhibits Newsline" column in every issue, but I truly believe that Exhibition is the best professional museum journal available.  If you are already a subscriber, I'm sure you agree!

If you are not already an Exhibition subscriber, what are you waiting for?  Click this link now to subscribe and move your professional practice forward today!

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