Friday, November 25, 2016

Coloring Outside The Lines: Exhibition Journal's New Look

NAME (The National Association for Museum Exhibition) has recently renamed and redesigned its journal, now called Exhibition.

The latest issue is entitled "Coloring Outside the Lines" and contains some fascinating articles that detail unique approaches toward exhibition development practice. NAME makes available two articles from the current issue of Exhibition online, as well as complete digital access to past issues via the Exhibition Journal's online archive. Check out the current free articles by clicking these links: "A Journey into the Uncharted: A Theatrical Collaboration Between Punchdrunk and the National Maritime Museum" and "Create. Connect. A History and STEM Mash-up."

Of course the very best way to access (and support!) Exhibition is by becoming a subscriber.  You can find out how to become a subscriber by clicking this link (and you do not need to be an AAM member to become an Exhibition subsciber.)

Last, but not least, if you've recently seen an exhibition that you'd like to share with colleagues via my "Exhibits Newsline" column, just send me an email for details, so we can get your contributions into a future issue of Exhibition!

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