Thursday, November 7, 2019

Museum/Exhibit/Design Toolbox: Wilkening Consulting's Data Stories

Susie Wilkening provides outstanding museum audience research services through her company, Wilkening Consulting.

Susie also provides "Data Stories" in a free downloadable format on the Wilkening Consulting website -- a great resource for the field. (An example of a Data Story is at the top of this post.)

Data Stories are punchy infographics that tell stories based on Wilkening's research with museums and people who visit museums.  The Data Stories provide a great way to summarize important information on topics ranging from young adult museum-goers to empathy and curiosity in museums. The format is perfect to share with staff, donors, and community stakeholders.

The information is drawn from research with thousands of museum-goers from across the country, and did I mention they are provided for FREE?

So click on over to the Wilkening Consulting website to learn more, and while you are there find out how your museum can participate in the 2020 Annual Survey of Museum-Goers in collaboration with the American Alliance of Museums.

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