Friday, August 21, 2009

Exhibit Design Humor: There, I Fixed It

Well, that last post about screens in museums certainly struck a nerve! (And perhaps my laptop, too, which seems to have blown it's video card, ironically ... so those of you waiting to have your "Smaller is Better" projects, or "Not the Usual Suspects" hiring bios featured in future ExhibiTricks postings, please bear with me and the AppleCare repair program.)

For right now, though, here's a suggestion for a little light web browsing, in the form of a plug for the website There, I Fixed It. Billed as a monument to "epic kludges and jury rigs" there is just a constant stream of jaw-droppingly funny images that serve as proof (either for or against) human ingenuity.

If you've ever had to fix exhibits, There, I Fixed It, is a must add to your browser bookmarks or newsreader.

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